Sunday, July 8, 2007


Pum; hei hi thirdeng in a mei chhem na ani. thingkua chhung ah hmawlh a hmawr a ar hmul tih buk an rawlh lut a(piston ve ang ani ang chu) chumi chu hawlh luh /chhuah zawng in thli a siam ta a, a bul a thuk ah hian thli chu an chhem tir .

Ar awt. hei hi zin vei vah na a ar an ken tel dawn a an dah na thin ani.ding lam pang ah hian kua a awm a, ar in a lu a rawlh chhuah na tur ni awm tak ani.

bawhbel; zawlbuk luhna tur a kawng khar aia an hman ani a.a hnum tliang hlurh mai. an hman lai hun hian kekawr an la ha awm si lova. puan an veng mai ani awm sia, han kar luh vel te pawh buaithlak deuh tur ani, chuvang chuan an bawh liam ta ni ngei tur ani a.
bawhbel pel a hmeichhia kal lut ngam chu hmeichhe nasa tak an ni an ti thin tiin min hrilh.
tin, a hnung a hmel lang lo chiah a ding hi Pu.K.Laltanpuia chaltlang ani e.(tunge ni ti a min zawh hma in hehehhe).

Bahzar; hei hi zawlbuk chhung ah tlem in an dawh sang deuh a a lem alang ang hian, val upa deuh riah na bik niin an sawi. a hming hrim hrim hi ka hriat mai theih loh chi ani ve anih ka ring, kan tlawh ve lai pawh hian bul a mi te vawi 3 vel lai ka zawt nawn nghe nghe. a tawngkam hrim hrim hi a lo chhuah dan kan ngaihtuah ngial a ka la hre chhuak zo bik lo.

Visitor's Book: hei hi a tlawh tu ten an hmuh dan leh an rilru te an ziah lan na tur a dah ni ngei tur ani pakhat ah khum chung ah an dah a, han en thuak thuak in nitin tlawh tu enge maw zah an awm ziah tih a hriat theih. thu in ziak then khat te;
29/6/07;vawiin hian ruah a sur deuh reng a,mahse nuam ka ti hle,mizo thil hlui ka hriat ngai loh te ka hriat phah a,hlawkpui ka inti hle,hetiang ngaihtuahna nei a lo siam tu zawng2 te chung ah lawmthu ka sawi mawlh2 ani.

it looks like very nice but pass fee is very high,

Dt 1st july.2007 sunday, hian zokhua ah kan leng a, anuam hle mai.mahse lung a leng duh hle mai,tetea te hmangaihi te nen kan leng a,tumah midang leng an awm lova , a reh kher mai,he thu ka ziah lai hian solomona ka mitthla ah i lang nasa hle mai.ka ngai lutuk che.Awm ve la chuan a nuam zual sawt ang.Ka ziah lai che pawh hian ka ngai em em che asin.min ngai ve em?I chhiar hun ah min rawn hre chhuak ve ang che aw.
Mami varte hla "DAMLAI PAR" ah khan min rawn hre chhuak thin dawn nia. mangtha phawt le..............
hemi lehkhabu a ziak te chhiar chuan kan ngai mawh zawng te leh kan rilru a awm te a hmun tlawh tu theuh theuh ah pawh a in ang lo ve hle tih a lang thei awm e.
civillization is the result and not the cause of civillization. what is wanted here is not measures but a man.Place over them an officer gifted with the power of rule;not a mere cog in the great wheel of Government,but one of tolerant of the failings of his fellow-creatures, and yet prompt to see and recognize in them the touch of Nature that makes the whole world kin;-apt to enter into new trains of thought and to modify and adopt ideas,but cautious in offending national prejudice.Under a guidance like this ,let the people by slow degrees civilize themselves.with education open to them,and yet moving under their own laws and customs,THEY WILL TURN OUT, NOT DEBASED AND MINIATURE EPITOMES OF ENGLISHMEN, BUT A NEW AND NOBLE TYPE OF GOD'S CREATURES.- Capt T.H. Lewin.

To illustrate the position of the chief, or President , I may mention that in 1866, when on a visit to the village of one of the leading chiefs among the Lhoosai, I was standing talking with him in the path that ran through the village.while we were thus standing , a drunken Lhoosai came stumbling along and finding us somewhat in the way, he seized the chief by the neck and shoved him off the path, asking why he stopped the road. On my asking the chief for an explanation of such disrespect being permitted , he replied, " on the war-path or in the council I am Chief , and my words are obeyed; behaviour like that would be punished by death. here in the village , that drunkard is my fellow and equal." In like manner any presents given to the Chief are common property.- Capt T.H.Lewin
Source ;
The Hill Tracts Of Chittagong and the Dwellers Therein
By Capt.T.H. Lewin,
Deputy COmmissioner of Hill Tracts.
calcutta ,Bengal Printing Company ,Limited


illusionaire said...

Thalak leh article ho chu a ngainawm hle mai... Kan Reiek kal lai pawh min ti hre chhuak ngei e. ah 1,2 leh 3 hi ka lo link dawn nia aw?

avena said...

aw le. Reiek tih awm zia leh ,a hming lo chhuah dan , a khua a mi ka tawh te kan zawt kual ve ngial a, min hrilh thei mai an awm lo tlat a ,i kal tum chuan i hre chhuak thei em?
- Reiek khua chu a nuam khawp mai.
- kohhran awm te pawh a member tam dan in dawt a kan zawt thuak thuak a, tunhma , mizoram harhna lai vel khan , kohhran ah mi hlim an tih ang chi an tam khawp in ka ring.

Jerusha said...

arawt hi chu mi hian tunlai paw'n an la hmang fo ni lawm ni..ka hmu zing maiin ka hria..

avena said...

ar awt chu kum 1990's hnu a ka hmuh leh na hmasa ber ania.a ti lunglen thlak ve mai mai ka tia ..
broiler ar a tam tak hnu hian thingtlang lam atanga aizawl a ar rawn tawlh luh a tlem ta te pawh ani ang e.
ar awt i rawn hmu nalh mai a, chaltlang lanu nge nge he2.