Saturday, May 26, 2007

Here is the bridge that connects rameswaram island, (the birthplace of honble’ president of India , APJ Abdul Kalam ,) and the main land of India.As you can see in the map, on the northern side is the palk strait , and southern side is gulf of geographically it is at the place where bay of Bengal meet the Indian ocean.

One interesting thing is , all along this bridge there are street lights on both sides at an interval of about 10 ft, and all the light pole are artistically design and installed to please the eye of the users. However , unfortunately/fortunately the bridge lies within the jurisdiction of local village panchayat, and as per the panchayat Act 1994, it is the responsibility of the village panchayat to look after the maintenance and electricity bill of the street light. Although responsibility has been entrusted to them, but to carry out this responsibility, there is not enough devolution of financial power. So ultimately, the panchayat can turn on the street light only two days before and after visit of VVIP .

Further, although as per the panchayat act, there are some local cess and surcharges which panchayat are supposed to levy and collect, but unfortunately , due to compulsion of vote politics, the panchayat can not realize the amount due to them. because they can not alienate the local voters in an election which can be decided by 20 votes or is not proper to blame the panchayat also, particularly keeping in mind the functioning of our parliament the highest legislative house in the country, which hardly show any sign of improvement in professionalism despite the fact that it has been functioning more than 50 years. So why should we blame the village panchayat which started functioning after 73rd and 74th constitution amendment???????.

But it is very sad to say that , because of all these lacunae in administrative arrangement, vote politics and culture, it is the users/public /tax payer, who are the sufferer.although legally , they are the one who enact, adopt, and gives to themselves the Indian constitution as enshrined in the preamble to the constitution of India. So there is an ocean of differences between what is written in the constitution and how our constitution is in action.

Looking from the bridge, both palk strait and gulf of manner can be seen. And there is not much visible difference, except of course the wave is little bit rough on the gulf of manner side. But there is a big difference in terms of policy and rules of government and that’s what I found interesting ……..

Pamban hmun ah hian bay of Bengal leh Indian ocean chu a in fin a, in fin reng e ti lo chuan , palk strait lam ah hi chuan forest lam R khirh lutuk lo zawk a.sea coast ah hian sea-weed chin an phal a. ti chuan state bank of India, DRDA leh PEPSICO te tang rual in, self help group te sea-weed an chin tir a. a hlawk khawp mai mi pakhat in kum khat ah Rs 80,000 vel an la lut thei ang ani. Mahse sea-weed ching an lo pun zel chuan fisherman ho nen buaina neuh neuh an nei ve tan.

Gulf of mannar lam ah thung hi chuan , UNDP, state sawrkar te tang kawp chuan conservator of forest hnuai ah gulf of mannar biological reserve trust, a awm a. sea coast tluan mai hi reserve forest anga chei niin . fisherman club siam in , sangha man nasat avang a sangha tlem tial tial mai chu dan na tur in, fisherman ho te chu ei zawn na kawng dang ah te training an pe a, loan, insurance, subsidy te an tih sak bawk a.hei tak mai hi ngaihnawm ka tih tak achu ani….

1)tun hma an thlahtu te atanga sangha man char char thin, a bak hre ngai lem lo te thil dang a eizawn tir tum tak tlat mai chu!!!!! Enge a project duang tu te rilru ah khan awm ang aw? tih vawng vawng tlak ani. Doctor hna kum 30 vel lo thawk tawh te hnenah,” hei damlo an tlem tial tial zel mai si a, doctor hna thawk tawh lovin engineer lam te hi lo thawh tum tawh la” tiin , engineer lam pang ah training pe tlat mai, subsidy leh insurance te tih sak bawk ila,, a hlawh tling angem?

Sum seng a training pek a , hlawhtling chuang lo tur ni ta se la doctor pa tan khan leiba neih bak chu hlawk na a awm hmel loh a, tunge hlawk ta ang?

Training institution ten training fee an hmuh te, NGO in training an pek leh survey vel a hlawk na an hmuh te, sawrkar hnathawk ten an monitor na atanga hlawh an lak te .ani deuh mai awm asin maw le . a tawp a hlawkna hmu tur chu.

2)hetiang a sangha man tu te thildang a eizawn tir tum lo hian “sustainable fishing” an tih ang te hi khauh zawk in ken kawh tum ta se la. Tin ‘no fishing zone” an tih te hi siam ni ta zawk se la, tichuan sangha in inthlah pun na tur hmun an nei anga, no fishing zone a an khah hnu ah fishing zone a rawn chhuak ho kha lo man theih chuan man tum ta mai se la, sangha pawh an pung cha kanga. A rei ah chuan sangha man tu te pawh in an hlawk zawk in ka ring tlat ani.

Hetiang zawng a ngaihtuah chuan, a beneficiary ni ber tur a ngaih hian a project ah chuan a hlauh zawk a, beneficiary tan pui tur a ngaih te an hlawk hlauh thung ni awm tak ani.hehehhe


illusionaire said...

Ok ka add chiah che a nia ooo ka blog directory leh ah.

Tamilnadu chu a ngaihawm khawpsssss mai, ka seilenna!!!! Theni, Cuddalore, Madurai, Puddukotai, Coimbatore, Namakkal, Velankani, eeee a tam lutuk :(( Ka van ngai e oooooo

avena said...

chaltlang an va tam ve...jerusa..bteii te hehe...

ex-chaltlang nih pawh hi anuam asin...matthaia group chuan vawiin thleng in lung an la ti leng alawm